Create Rich, Chemical-Free Soil For Your Garden In Minutes A Day

Third Rock's Kitchen Compost Bins help to catch all your organic food scraps so you can transform them into rich soil and inject chemical-free nutrients into your garden.

✔️ Reduce waste and use organic food scraps to grow your garden

✔️ Cute designed compost bins fit on any kitchen counter

✔️ Odor and bug free

✔️ Easy to use and simple to wash

Starting at Just $32.99

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Pam B. Clearwater Florida

"I am using my compost bin every day and now have bought one for my daughter to start her own garden. I am a teacher and love teaching my kids about ways to reduce their foot print on this earth. These bins are the BEST!!!"


Introducing Third Rock's Kitchen Compost Bin

Third rocks kitchen compost bins are designed to seamlessly fit on your kitchen counter and hold your organic food scraps without the mess and the smell of regular compost bins. Cooking several meals a day can easily start to fill up your garbage with organic food scraps that could be easily converted into rich and nutritious soil.

Usually as we cook we throw our food scraps into the garbage, however with Third Rocks kitchen counter Compost Bin you can easily store these organic food scraps in the bin and then take it outside to your composter or even bury in your garden. The nutrients from your organic food scraps will boost your plants and your vegetables health without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides that are found in commercial fertilizers.

Who Are Third Rock's Kitchen Compost Bins For?

Third rock's kitchen compost bins are for people of all ages. Many people are cooking in the kitchen and throwing away the organic scraps on a daily basis into the garbage and wasting all of that nutrients for their gardens. In order to grow lush, vibrant, chemical free, organic gardens it is important to take the easy steps to convert your organic kitchen scraps into nutritious compost soil.


Is a common belief that we should have a big garden with an elaborate set up, however it is very easy to get started with composting today using with the use of a kitchen counter compost bin.

4 Easy Steps To Maximize Your Composting

Third Rock's kitchen Compost bins are designed to gorgeously sit on your countertop, hold all of your organic kitchen scraps without bad smells or bugs so that you can easily take store and transport your organic food waste to your outside composter and make rich nourishing soil for your home garden.

Prepare your meals as normal and save your organic scraps

Place organic food scraps in Kitchen Counter Compost Bin

Empty Kitchen Counter Compost Bin into outside composter

Composter turns organic food scraps into nutrient rich soil

Designed By Composters For Composters

Charcoal filter to eliminate terrible smells and stop flies.

Cute design that accents any kitchen decor.

Designed for easy cleaning and for years of use.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Jerry that our customers are 100% happy with every kitchen counter compost bin they purchase from us is critically important. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

What Our Customers Are Saying


"Bought this because we were tired of an open bowl sitting on the counter to catch scraps and the smell and fly problem. Got this and we are very happy with it. Just as advertised. Well made, looks good, easy to clean, and absolutely no odor. Would recommend this for anyone composting table scraps."

Billie H. - ✔️ Verified Buyer


"My daughter is an avid gardener and put this little compost bin in her kitchen to gather scraps before taking them out to the big pile outside. There is a pretty outer part, and an easy to clean, easy to remove inner part. There is also a replaceable charcoal filter in the lid to help with deodorizing the scraps as they sit there."

Leslie B. - ✔️ Verified Buyer


"I just started composting and am going for it. I have a 65gal bin outside and this little baby in my kitchen. I'm a vegetarian and have in-laws that have a large garden--I'm the lucky recipient of many, many, many, many, many, many vegetables during the summer months. I was realizing that so much of my garbage was just sh*t I could compost! Duh! So anyhoo, I got this because I'm not just going to throw the compostables in some old to-go container and have that sit on my counter. I need fashion. I need class. I need something that tells me what's in it. So, I ordered this. I actually love it and it fits with my decor. I think I'll get made fun of just as much as the rustic "Kitchen" sign I have hanging in the...you guessed it...kitchen. Just in case you forget where you are. It's 2020 folks...having a little extra help here and there doesn't hurt."

CrazyDogLady - ✔️ Verified Buyer


"This is just what I was looking for. The best feature is the plastic bucket insert. It is easy to remove the bucket, dump the food, wash, and replace. All the while, the metal pale stays clean. Previously we had been using our freezer and paper bags, but that system was taking up valuable real estate in our small fridge. The bucket does fill up quickly, but that's not a big deal. There is no smell at all and I am curious to see how long the carbon filter lasts."

Jessica B. - ✔️ Verified Buyer


"Cute, timeless design, classic addition to my kitchen countertop. Functional. The 1L size is just enough for one person household. If you have more people and cook more, consider getting a bigger one. I love this piece as it hides my clatter elegantly. The company is also committed to green/clean energy. I started following them in instagram and I am glad I did. They post feel good topics and images to create a more positive environment for everyone. Kudos!"

Mich - ✔️ Verified Buyer


"I love it. We don’t have compost but I do bring all our scraps to our chickens every 2 days or so. This is the only one I could find that was small but also has a blast if bucket on the inside. It’s so easy and compared to my normal (just put it in a bag) it is so much cleaner!"

Kristen - ✔️ Verified Buyer


"I just started composting. I wanted something attractive to sit on our kitchen counter to remind me to save scraps instead of putting them in the garbage disposal or trash. Also I needed something to keep scraps until I can take them to our large composter outside. This really fits the bill. Very cute! Sturdy! Removable plastic bucket -with handle- inside to transport my scraps to the larger bin. Also protects the interior so it won't become rusty from moist scraps. The outer wood handles are very securely riveted in place. The charcoal filter is also well secured inside the lid. I could have bought a cheaper plastic counter composter but I'm so glad I didn't! The functionality and beauty of this one make it well worth the money."

TMC - ✔️ Verified Buyer


"I received my compost bin yesterday and am extremely pleased with it. Its sturdy and well built. I have a very small kitchen with limited counter space. The unit, though sizable, does have a relatively small footprint as it tapers up so it can fit into a tight space. Its a great product and very attractive. The first thing I put into it was a bag of bean spouts that had turned and was pretty ripe smelling. Once the lid as replace on the bin, no smell at all! In lieu of compostable bags, I lined the plastic bucket with sheets of newspaper for easy and cleaner disposal."

Amy L. - ✔️ Verified Buyer


"We’re newby composters, and my concerns were avoiding odors and fruit flies in my kitchen that seemed inevitable. I also expected that I would want to hide the bin away. This compost bin solves everything ... it’s a simple yet classy design, there are no unpleasant odors or insects thanks to the charcoal filter, and the black plastic liner makes it easy to carry kitchen scraps out to the compost bin and is easy to clean. I couldn’t be happier."

Gai D. - ✔️ Verified Buyer


"I love this little compost bin. It is the perfect size for me to put s raps in before taking them out to the composter. It is light to carry, and easy to clean."

Gal - ✔️ Verified Buyer


"Very cute and functional! No smells easy on and off lid with a removable bucket! Id def but again! My daughter may get one for xmas!"

Maui B. - ✔️ Verified Buyer


"We like because it is convenient and it has a cover so there is no smell. Easy to wash out."

Anne - ✔️ Verified Buyer


"Perfect size for my countertop. No fruit flies as the lid seals shut tight. No smell detected even with veggies/fruit in there for a few days."

Melissa L. - ✔️ Verified Buyer


"I wanted to start composing to reduce my waste. This is very attractive and has a charcoal filter to eliminate smells. Cute design looks great. There is also a handle to carry it out to the bin."

NVAB - ✔️ Verified Buyer


"Holds a lot! We don’t need to use bags inside! No smell & it’s not attracting bugs like other ones we’ve tried! I am so happy it’s very counter friendly."

Wendy W. - ✔️ Verified Buyer

Still Wondering?

No matter whether you are already composting for your garden or not, Third Rock's kitchen Compost Bins are for you. It is very important to __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Dont love it? Simply send it back for a full refund.

Buy in confidence knowing we back our compost bins with a money back guarantee.

Third Rock's compost bins are built to last... we guarantee it.

Modern Style Compost Bin

Modern Style Compost Bin for Kitchen Counter - Premium Quality | Cute Design Modern Style Compost Bin for Kitchen Counter - Premium Quality | Cute Design - Third Rock®Compost Bin Third Rock 1 Gallon 3.8 Liter

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