Go Green at Home

Jason Hetherington @ 2020-10-06 16:23:07 -0700

Green living has many benefits for your home. It not only improve your surroundings, but it also enhances your family’s well-being.  The kitchen compost bin is a step closer to helping you achieve the green dream.

The Kitchen Compost Bin as Part of a Go Green at Home Strategy

You have numerous options that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle to create a green home. Home composting is a popular way to turn organic waste that would otherwise wind up in the landfill into nutrient-filled fertilizer for the garden. A kitchen compost bin lets you gather waste together conveniently right in your kitchen until you’re ready to recycle it in an outdoor compost pit. 

The bins are made for indoor use and come with safeguards to avoid attracting fruit flies or releasing bad odors into the kitchen and living areas. Here we will discuss the benefits of going green at home generally, and how using a compost bin is a positive step in that direction.

Green Living Means Less Waste

Since living green requires using recyclable and reusable materials rather than disposable ones, it naturally reduces the amount of garbage you throw away every day. When you couple that with choosing household items that are well-crafted and meant to last for years instead of weeks, you can not only reduce waste, but also save money in the long run. Also, governments have also put in place systems that reward or offer incentives for homeowners to go green.

Green Living Positively Impacts the Environment 

According to climate scientists, we have just 12 years to make the changes necessary to prevent global warming from going above 1.5C. Actions such as making our homes sustainable and less reliant on the burning of fossil fuels and other environmentally damaging activities contribute to keeping the planet livable for future generations. Composting at home reduces waste and prevents the necessity of incinerating garbage that can emit harmful greenhouse gasses into the air that are just as damaging to the planet as the burning of fossil fuels. 

Green Living Is Healthy

Green living means that fewer toxic materials are released into the environment. The toxic materials affect the air that we breathe; they find their way into our respiratory systems, resulting in allergies such as asthma and other respiratory complications. Inhaling the chemicals has also been shown to cause cancer. Sustainability practices eliminate these toxins and disease-causing elements from the atmosphere and clean up the air. It contributes to the well-being of every creature on the planet and reduces medical costs from avoidable illnesses.

Green Living Means Low Maintenance and Replacement Costs

Reusable equipment and household items that are made from long-lasting materials will reduce your maintenance and repair costs. A good example is a compost bin kitchen bin that only requires the replacement of its charcoal filters after three months. How often you must replace the filters depends on how frequently you use the buckets. Third Rock, a sustainability brand that makes kitchen compost buckets, recommends wiping the lid with a soft, soapy cloth to conserve the filters.

Green Living Makes the Home Comfortable

Green homes are comfortable spaces that people want to live in; they are our go-to places after a long day at work. Homes that are properly insulated using sustainable materials keep temperatures inside comfortable while using less energy compared to homes with poor insulation. Another marker of a comfortable home is the quality of the air inside. Using air purifiers helps to remove toxins from the air, and if you choose to compost at home, make sure you get a compost bin with a good filter system.  

Kitchen Compost Bins from Third Rock Make Going Green Easy

Going green at home not only contributes positively to the environment around you but also reflects the overall health and well-being of your family. There are many ways that you can make your home a greener space and adopt a sustainable lifestyle. One of the easiest methods is to start composting at home, and the simplest way to do that is to purchase a compost bin countertop from Third Rock.